How to Make Cheap Gur Maisu Jaggery Barfi Sweet Recipe at Home in Urdu Hindi

Gur Maisu (Barfi) is a well-known dessert or confection originating in north-central India. It is a dry sweet made of sesame seeds or peanuts and jaggery. India is blessed with lots of Festivals and every religion enjoys and celebrates them in their own style. For all such lovely Sankranti & Lohri Gifts, varities of Chikki’s & Sweets are made only in India.
Gachak is a dry India Sweet dish, hence can be kept for many days. In fact, people send this Dry Fruit Chikki to their relatives, which are staying at far distances. As far as the preparation of Chikki / Desi Ghee Gachak is concerned, the freshness and cleanliness also go with health. These Sweet Dishes are means of enjoyment and provide all the nutritions, that are necessary for the health.

Notes: Let the Maisu mixture cool down completely, else you will not be able to cut it into pieces.

Chef Tips:
Store the pieces of Gachak in an air tight container, you can keep them for 6-7 days.

in this video you will know that how to make Maisu Gur Barfi recipe at home

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