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Breaking News : Free rashan in Pakistan| Free rashan providing numbers

These number are providing free rashan. So any body needs around you tell them.
Fight against coronavirus. SELANI Welfare 0311 1729526/ (021) 111 729 526
2. Merit n Merit 0312-2022224
3. Fixit 0342-5587744
4. Shahmeer Walefare 0345-2224321
5. JDC Foundation 021-36341059
6. Orangee Foundation 0300-0225519
7. Tasawur Urf Guddu 0340-1210290
8. M Talha Khan 0332-2558151
9. M Kaliq Ahmed 0300-8295936
10. Farooq Shaikh (0321-4466064 )
11. Distt Umar kot 0335-3300543
12. Name of Allah 0305-4828282
13. Name of Allah 0302-4748282
14. Spread Khushian 0330-5967469 /0343-5618737
15. Kare e Kamal 0316-60045564 (Lahore)
16. Hamza Bilal 0307-7731494
17. Meem Foundation – 0341-4459889
18. Zanoor Foundation 0301-3901388
19. Name of Allah 0315-7578544 BWP
20. Name of Allah 0312-8660110
21. Name of Allah 0333-1201585 (Krachi)
22. Name of Allah 0314-6623139(multan)

In the Relief package, PM Khan approves Rs 3,000 each for 7 million daily wagers. Govt to provide ration to labourers at their doorstep. PM announces relief package, youth force, public fund to fight COVID-19

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced multi-billion relief package, establishment of youth force and public fund during his address to the nation to fight coronavirus pandemic across Pakistan

PM Imran Khan said the world is fighting a war against coronavirus pandemic and Pakistan is also resisting the spread of the virus by utilising all available resources.

“Every state is fight coronavirus under its capacity while China is the only country around the world that became successful to overcome coronavirus pandemic by locking down around 20 million people.”

“We can also put our country on a complete lockdown to fight COVID-19 but 25 per cent of Pakistan’s population is already below the poverty line. It would be our responsibility to provide ration to those people after imposing a lockdown, otherwise, the complete closure will not be beneficial.”

“A lockdown will not be a successful option without providing food to the people as the virus would not differentiate between a rich and a poor person.


PM Imran Khan Rashan Distribution Package Details Home Delivery of Rashan
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  1. Mn ik house wife hu mri ik choti baby bh he husband ka filhl kam nh he ghr bh kirae ka hy abh halat bht bure hn mujh baby k lye milk or kch ration ki bht zaroorat he koi mukhaiyyer shakhs hain to please hamari madad kren ap k sath ki ashad zaroorat, number 03082521865

  2. Dear : uncle

    Uncle, my name is Hammad Zahid and I’m 13 years old
    My uncle lives in Lahore,He had an accident six months ago,And one of his legs was broken,
    His operation could not take place due to lack of money,
    Now his leg doesn’t work at all.Can you treat them?,They don’t have money, they don’t have food
    And they do drugs
    My auntie Seven years ago From my uncle Divorce Took it Why they didn’t have a job
    So she left them From then on, he became addicted Now they can’t walk Please get them treated or they will die.
    Thanks regard
    Hammad zahid

    Lahore contact

    1. برائے مہربانی کمنٹس میں اپنا ڈیٹا دینے کی بجائے اس لنک پرمکمل رجسٹریشن فارم پُر کریں اور اپنی فری رجسٹریشن کروائیں. تازہ تصویر لازمی اٹیچ کریں۔ آپ کا ڈیٹا ہمارے پاس محفوظ ہوگا اور ہم خود آپ سے رابطہ کریں گے۔یہ لنک ہے ۔

  3. Sir me Rwalpindi se hu humra aik bhai hai Abu Jan se dosri shadi ki hui hai bhai ka koi Kam nhi hai 4maa se ghr hai hunre halt boht tang hai please sir hume rashn ki zrort hai boht hum rent pe rehte hai aik room me 😔😔🙏🙏🙏pls

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