2020 New Latest Pakistani Mili Naghma | Aye Bahar e Watan by Shan e Umar Brothers on Independence Day Celebrations of Pakistan 14 August

In PakistanAugust 14 is a national holiday celebrated around the country with government-held parades, air shows and fireworks. Every year, official dignitaries and heads of state visit the mausoleum of the founding father of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in Karachi to say a prayer and to pay their respects.Aug 13, 2018
However, Pakistan’s Independence Day is celebrated on August 14 and India’s on August 15, because in 1947 the ceremonies for the transfer of power were held a day earlier in Pakistan, so that the last British Viceroy, Lord Mountbatten of Burma, could attend the ceremonies in both Pakistan and India.
Pakistan’s Independence Day, which is annually held on August 14, celebrates the country’s independence from the British rule on that date in 1947. This day is an occasion to promote patriotism and national unity.

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    1. برائے مہربانی کمنٹس میں اپنا ڈیٹا دینے کی بجائے اس لنک پرمکمل رجسٹریشن فارم پُر کریں اور اپنی فری رجسٹریشن کروائیں. تازہ تصویر لازمی اٹیچ کریں۔ آپ کا ڈیٹا ہمارے پاس محفوظ ہوگا اور ہم خود آپ سے رابطہ کریں گے۔یہ لنک ہے ۔

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