25 Prophets Names List Mentioned in the Holy Quran

AdamآدَمDust. (Lughaatul quran Vol. 1-2 Pg. 56)Detail
IdreesإِدْرِيسTo learn, as he used to learn and teach the heavenly scrolls alot. (Lughaatul Quran Vol.1-2 Pg. 53)Detail
NuhنُوحOne who crys alot. (Misbahul Lughat Pg.917)Detail
HudهُودGuidance, pious deed. (Lughaatul Quran Vol. 5-6 Pg. )Detail
SalehصَالِحPious, good, right. (Misbahul Lughat Pg.476)Detail
IbrahimإِبْرَاهِيمAttach, adhere. (Misbahul Lughat Pg.797)Detail
Lutلُوطliterally means 'father of the people' or 'most affectionate father'. (Qamusul Quran Pg. 22)Detail
IsmailإِسْمَاعِيلIt is said that this name is composed of two words, Isma' meaning listen! and eel meaning Allah in the Syriac or Hebrew language. In other words "Hear and grant my prayers, O Allah!" Ibraaheem (AS) used to make dua for a son by these words. When his dua was heard, he named the son Ismaaeel. Ismaa'eel also means one who is obedient to Allah. (Lughaatul Quran Vol.1-2 Pg. 95)Detail
IshaqإِسْحَاقIt means one who laughs. (Lughaatul Quran) To be far away. (Mukhtarus Sihah Pg.410)Detail
YaqubيَعْقُوبDerived from 'Aqb' which means Heel, behind, end, Supplanter- holds the place of another. (Misbahul Lughat Pg.565)Detail
YusufيُوسُفThe beautiful. (Misbahul Lughat Pg.945) Extremely sad, derived from 'Asf'. (Mukhtarus Sihah Pg.34, 1020)Detail
AyubأَيُّوبDerived from 'Awb or Aaba' which means return, penitent. (Misbahul Lughat Pg.44)Detail
ShuaibشُعَيْبIt is from the word 'sh`ab' which means big nation or from the word 'Sh`ib' which means valley. ( Lughaatul Quran Vol. 3-4 Pg. 281)Detail
MusaمُوسَىٰWater and tree- He was put into a box made out of wood and placed in the river. (Lughaatul Quran Vol. 5-6 Pg. 478)Detail
HaroonهَارُونUnable to locate meaning in Arabic but the Hebrew meaning is High, Superior, exalted.Detail
Dhul-kiflذُو ٱلْكِفْل literally means "possessor of. or giving. a double requital or portion". (Source: A. Yusuf Ali, The Holy Quran: Translation and Commentary, footnote 2743) (Mukhtarus Sihah Pg.794)Detail
Daud دَاوُودDerived from 'Wud' which means Beloved. (Misbahul Lughat Pg.936)Detail
SulemanسُلَيْمَانDerived from 'Salam' which means Peaceful. (Misbahul Lughat Pg.392)Detail
IlyasإِلْيَاسUnable to locate meaning in Arabic but the Hebrew meaning is, My God is the lord.Detail
IlyasaٱلْيَسَعUnable to locate meaning in Arabic but the Hebrew meaning is, My God is salvation.Detail
YunusيُونُسDerived from 'Uns or Ans' which means affectionate. (Mukhtarus Sihah Pg.50)Detail
ZikariyaزَكَرِيَّاUnable to locate meaning in Arabic but the Hebrew meaning is, The Lord remembers.Detail
YahyaيَحْيَىٰThe living. (Lughatul Quran Vol 5-6 Pg. 210)Detail
Isaعِيسَىٰ Leader, blessed. (Lughaatul Quran Vol. 3-4 Pg. 378) Mixture of colour red and yellow with white. (Mukhtarus Sihah Pg.649)Detail
MuhammadمُحَمَّدPraiseworthy. (Misbahul Lughat Pg.175)Detail
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