Bari Manzil ka Musafir by Qasim Ali Shah is a foremost and readable book. The book is based on the real themes that are compulsory for every individual to know them especially for teenagers. The multiple habitual steps can guide one towards a happy and prosperous life. It is the nature of every individual to face multiple challenges in life but they will be discouraged and demotivated to overcome the problems of life. The important habitual steps can include, the role of a real teacher, how to succeed, wisdom, knowledge, leadership qualities, solving problems, the power of critical thinking, criticism, importance of time and so on. It encourages one to be committed, self-reliant and have self-confidence to handle the situations. It gives a hope of a better future and time. The book was published in March 2017 and dedicated to the teenagers soul.

Most of the people failed to succeed what they want to get. Most of the time, they try to escape and run away from their responsibilities. Because they don’t have set principles in life. They don’t have clear objectives and sweet determination. They don’t bear any failure and try to surrender when they get failure. They escape when they don’t understand the psyche of success. Those who can step forward towards the development and advancement, they can change themselves with situation.

Today most of the teenagers commit suicide because they don’t have the sake of living. They can not change themselves. They think negative, therefore, the negative thoughts start increasing and can cause depression, anxiety and many more psychological problems. They invite troubles and these obstacles can be the real reasons of destruction and failure. One has to ignore these all and stay focused towards one’s journey which is settled in one’s mind. Failure must not be an option of stopping you rather it should be an experience of better results.

A teacher is a motivator, a leader and a parent who can help his/her children to overcome harsh problems and difficulties in term of their study, field and personal life. “The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.” A true teacher does not teach only lessons, he is the engine who forces and pushes the container to go forward. They sacrifices their complete life for the betterment of their students. A teacher is someone who treats the students equally and teach honestly. He pays the way so as they achieve their dreams. A real teacher does not only give knowledge rather he creates an environment for the thirst of knowledge. If a student feels thirst then absolutely he/she will seek and gain both knowledge and wisdom.

Teachers play an important role for the development and advancement of a student’s career because a student seeks each and every thing from his/her teacher. Students seek behavior, attitude, personality of a teacher and apply them in their practical life. Therefore, a teacher can be called the decider of a student’s future. A teacher has to play the role of a leader and should adopt leadership qualities to better guide the students. A teacher can not produce good qualities of products if he/she lacks leadership qualities. Teachers are the flowers of nation which beautify the country with colorful and tasteful flowers.

Seeking and gaining knowledge is one of the most compulsory elements of one’s life. Knowledge makes your life beautiful. It gives you power to understand this mysterious world. It comes from learning and experiencing. Knowledge is a kind of thirst: enters the body and makes your soul uncomfortable until you seek, it never goes away from you. “Knowledge is a polite word for dead but not buried imagination.” The thirst never gets finished. It is with you till the last moment of your life. On the other hand, the history of knowledge has started from human beings and it is progressing day by day with different experiences of life. It needs sacrifices of energy, time, resources and rest of mind as well. Therefore, a being starts his/her learning and seeking from first day when he/she opens eyes and sees this surprising world with different psyches. Knowledge gives one strengths to understand every moment of life.

Leadership is the best quality among all because a leader is someone who brings new innovations in his team and guides the team towards a bright destination. Leadership is divided into four words, first lead, leader, leadership and ship. “Leaders should develop empathy with their teams and followers but unfortunety, most leaders follow a dictatorial style and neglect empathy altogether.” A leader is a role model who guides the team to stay focused towards your journey. He/she can face multiple challenges. They sacrifice each and every thing but take the team to achieve its mission. Leadership makes one strong, committed and brave to take the entire responsibilities of the team. It is important for a leader to adopt leadership qualities within himself.

“If you want to change your life, first you have to change your thinking.” Positive thinking is very important for a leader and any member of an organization. It brings positive results. One should always be positive and avoid all negative activities which stop in achieving dreams. They should always be proactive and proactive people lead a successful life. Reactive people are always lazy because they make excuses and avoid certain responsibilities. They try to create problems for the team and don’t let the team to achieve its mission.

Bari Manzil ka Musafir is a great piece which discusses certain areas of successful people and unsuccessful people. One has to bring numerous changes in term of thinking, leadership qualities, responsibility of a teacher, usage of knowledge and wisdom and more. Therefore, it is a must read piece for teenagers particularly.